Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Save your Paper Towels!

So I'm a couponer. I can say that now loud and clear. I'm not "kinda" a couponer. I'm the woman that you really don't like to get behind in the store aisles. Even though I am very organized with paperclips and lists before I go, any good natured human being's eyes would bulge when they see stacks of coupons being handed to a cashier. I know mine would've 6 months ago. But I'm not writing today to talk about couponing. Today I just wanted to share a useful tip.

As a couponer, I'm finding that I'm collecting A LOT of newspaper! A LOT! And my recycling box is overflowing regularly with it! In addition to recycling our newspaper, I LOVE to use newspaper on my glass windows and mirrors. I spray my usual glass cleaner on the surface and wipe it up and buff, just like I would with a paper towel. For some reason, with newspaper, I never have streaks on my glass. I have a particular mirror that streaks up every time with paper towels, but when I use newspaper to clean and buff it, there is ne'er a streak to be found. Try it, see if it works for you!