Thursday, May 31, 2012

Out of the Mouths of My Babes

Noah, yelling downstairs from upstairs: MOOOOM, Ben said he was gonna poop on my head!!
Ben, also yelling from upstairs: NO I DIDN'T! I said I was gonna SIT on your head!
(I cannot contain the giggling with these kids)

Ben, drawing a picture: Mom, how many legs do dogs have?
Never considered I'd have to answer that question in my life!

Noah: MOM, I have a GREAT IDEA!!! Let's get a CAT!
Ben: No, Cats are for GIIIRLS!

Grace has been dog-sitting for a neighbor. She feeds him, plays with him, and then takes him back to his house. She is doing such a great job! Tonight, I left the kids with Nate and walked the dog home. On the way back, I stopped to talk with some of our neighbors.
   When I returned (it was probably 15 minutes), Ben and Grace ran up to me and hugged me. Ben said, "Mom! Where WERE you! I thought we were ORPHANS!"

Whenever it storms, Noah says the cutest things. "Mommy, do you hear that WUMBLE?" and, "I'm scared of the FUNDER, Mommy"

I'm working in the vegetable garden while the children play outside. Noah runs to me, all flustered and excited, "MOM! Mom! The TORNADOES are turning RED!!" I have no idea what on earth he is talking about until he takes me over to the "tornado plants" that are just starting to change color. What a cutie!