Sunday, March 30, 2008

Because we all need a little fun in our lives.

Melissa tagged me, and I thought this would be fun. Even though I probably should be spending my time cleaning my home, I thought it would be a good idea to share things about our family

10 years ago: I was 15 and started my career as a car-hop at the Sonic Drive In. Sonic was the "best kept secret" in our town as far as employment for high schoolers went (at least I thought so!) I was a sophomore in high school and dated boys to bring the gospel to them. Each time, I realized this might not be the most effective way for this boy to find Jesus. I began getting involved in school politics and joined the student council and became a class officer and kinda stayed in both of those realms though high school. At 16 I was the president of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (even though I was NO sort of athlete. Can we say MARCHING BAND?!?!) and went to like 5 different summer camps, one for FCA leadership camp, World Changers, A Volunteer Girls State leadership camp, Centrifuge, and Band Camp. Being in a family of 4 children (three teenagers at the time), it was a busy time for our parents, I'm sure.

Things on my to do list today: prepare a somewhat healthy meal for my family, straighten the living room and start a load of laundry, discuss the April schedule with Nathan, Deep clean the bathroom in our room.

What would I do if I was suddenly became a Billionaire? Cry. Tithe. Cry again. Thank God and then pray a lot. Then pay off all debt. Get better cars (not new!), purchase a home in a location that God chooses, and pay for the kids' college funds, retirement, and then give to those God places in our path.

Three of my bad habits: I am a loud cleaner, apparently. I watch too much television. I don't trust God enough.

Five jobs I have had:
Car-Hop at the Sonic Drive In
Resident Advisor at Union University
Secretary at church
Managing Family Teacher at a Children's Home
Families First Case Worker in Nashville

Five things people don't know about me:
I am pregnant. Most people don't know this yet.
I make stupid jokes when I'm exhausted.
I am VERY competitive and not a good sport when it comes to most card games. Sorry.
I sing a lullaby from the movie "Dumbo" to my children.
I don't know what normal is anymore.

I'm tagging Melody Kopps.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Sometimes when life hits you like a ton of bricks, it helps to sit quietly and take it all in. That is what we have been doing for the past four weeks. God has carried us through a number of difficulties over the past 3 years or so. Lately, I was looking forward to breathing for a moment, recovering and trying to look forward to enjoying a season of sweet rest. Our youngest child has been sick most of his life, and it seemed like things were coming to a close. The doctors' bills might finally have a chance of being caught up on. We've been working like mad dogs, with Nathan working 2 jobs (one third shift) and going to school full time, and me working a part time job with the kids, it's been too crazy. He would graduate this Summer though, and it would slow down for a bit. We could finally stop running, stop working so hard, stop pushing until we had nothing in us. God had something else in mind. We have been blessed with another life to care for. We will be bringing another sweet child into this world sometime around October. I truly cannot describe what tremendous fear and trembling took place in the Wandell home as we saw the providence of God one up any plans I had in mind. His plans are way better, and clearly much more exciting!

Nathan and I have decided that it's "Game On" as far as Ben and Grace are concerned. There can be no more practice parenting in our home! Nathan and I will now be outnumbered, and that basically means that your children could possibly eat you alive. So we have our work cut out for us. I am halfway joking in this, of course. They won't literally eat us!

I will not post too much more tonight as I have another early morning tomorrow at work. I believe that God is sovereign, that He knows all things, that He knows what is best for His children, and the He is the creator and provider of all things. Therefore whatever need I present to Him, he cares about it and can fulfill it.

I have a doctor's appointment Monday, which I plan to be sharing on soon.