Sunday, March 30, 2008

Because we all need a little fun in our lives.

Melissa tagged me, and I thought this would be fun. Even though I probably should be spending my time cleaning my home, I thought it would be a good idea to share things about our family

10 years ago: I was 15 and started my career as a car-hop at the Sonic Drive In. Sonic was the "best kept secret" in our town as far as employment for high schoolers went (at least I thought so!) I was a sophomore in high school and dated boys to bring the gospel to them. Each time, I realized this might not be the most effective way for this boy to find Jesus. I began getting involved in school politics and joined the student council and became a class officer and kinda stayed in both of those realms though high school. At 16 I was the president of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (even though I was NO sort of athlete. Can we say MARCHING BAND?!?!) and went to like 5 different summer camps, one for FCA leadership camp, World Changers, A Volunteer Girls State leadership camp, Centrifuge, and Band Camp. Being in a family of 4 children (three teenagers at the time), it was a busy time for our parents, I'm sure.

Things on my to do list today: prepare a somewhat healthy meal for my family, straighten the living room and start a load of laundry, discuss the April schedule with Nathan, Deep clean the bathroom in our room.

What would I do if I was suddenly became a Billionaire? Cry. Tithe. Cry again. Thank God and then pray a lot. Then pay off all debt. Get better cars (not new!), purchase a home in a location that God chooses, and pay for the kids' college funds, retirement, and then give to those God places in our path.

Three of my bad habits: I am a loud cleaner, apparently. I watch too much television. I don't trust God enough.

Five jobs I have had:
Car-Hop at the Sonic Drive In
Resident Advisor at Union University
Secretary at church
Managing Family Teacher at a Children's Home
Families First Case Worker in Nashville

Five things people don't know about me:
I am pregnant. Most people don't know this yet.
I make stupid jokes when I'm exhausted.
I am VERY competitive and not a good sport when it comes to most card games. Sorry.
I sing a lullaby from the movie "Dumbo" to my children.
I don't know what normal is anymore.

I'm tagging Melody Kopps.

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Ooh yay! I'll get to this soon! :)