Sunday, September 7, 2008

Withholding wealth from my neighbor?

America is a frontier for the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Would you believe this if it were whispered into your ear? Neither would I. Living in the "Bible Belt" and seeing large churches crowd the corners at each intersection, I seriously doubted that the name of Jesus hadn't reached at least the farthest corners of the US of A. Maybe Jesus' name has been spread across the country, but some still live in ignorance. But when I look into my own heart, I can see the reason for the reality that America is a frontier for the Gospel. Even believers that have claimed faith for decades have refused to share the wealth of the gospel with the impoverished hearts within our communities. I am one of them. Why do I neglect to feed my starving neighbor the bread of Christ? Why do I slothfully disdain the idea of walking 10 steps to their door and seeking to welcome them into my home, my heart, introduce them to the richest joys I have ever known. These people are created in His image, and God loves His people. Why do I not love His people enough to give them pause as they walk in a path towards death! It just takes a moment to commit, but then again, I must be willing to commit more than just a moment. I need to be willing to be vulnerable and real. It takes a lot of energy to be vulnerable to someone, because then you begin to really love them... like we should love them, like Christ loves them, and he gave up so much more than his "image" to love His people. He gave His life, his privacy, his energy. I am certain he felt embarrassed as his disrobed body was struck time and again in front of the people He loved. And he continued to be vulnerable to them. "This is my body, given for you." He longs for us to know Him. He longs for it so much that He gave up everything for it. What am I withholding from my neighbor. How am I refusing to give the truth to my friends? How can I truly love them this week, withholding nothing from them? I will be praying about that this week.

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