Monday, May 25, 2009

A long trip.Part 2

It's a rainy Monday morning. Happy Memorial Day, and I'm listening to the cartoons running in the background. Grace and Ben are playing a ladybug board game (obviously not Ben's initial idea, but he rolls with the punches), and Noah is crawling, YES CRAWLING around the living room floor. A week ago yesterday, we returned home from basically a four week vacation for me and the kids. Dad was not so lucky! He did meet up with us on the tail end in Myrtle Beach, though. In the last four weeks, we've stayed in several different places across the map:
Bristol, VA
Silver Springs, MD
Richmond, VA
Wilmington, SC
Myrtle Beach, NC
Gainesville, GA
and finally home!
We experienced a very scary apartment fire while in Silver Springs, MD that caused us to be outside in our jammies from 7:30am until about 1pm. Some people were never able to return to their homes because they were utterly destroyed.
In Richmond, we visited with old friends and family and celebrated a marriage. Grace now wants to marry her brother. I told her it's really not okay to marry family. So she decided she'll marry her cousin instead. We're working on this.
Wilmington met us with a hospital visit on Mother's Day and a very tired and heavily medicated Nathan. He is doing well now, thankfully!
Myrtle Beach was too short! We spent a week in the glorious fresh ocean breeze and enjoyed the sand and shores every day with every sibling I have. It was the best week of 2009 so far!
We cut our trip home into two parts and visited more family along the way. It was a great closing to our trip and so sweet to be able to visit some that we don't often get to see because of the great distance.

It's been a week now since our long excursion, and it's taken an entire week to catch up and find our normal. I think we're almost there now.

I'll post some pictures from our trip soon.

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Annabelle said...

I remember leaving for 2 weeks at a time from takes awhile to get back into the "swing" of things!