Friday, August 21, 2009

Weary but worshipping

So while I am repentant for not blogging in quite some time, I am also hesitant to post an update in fear that another dynamic in our household would change again, forcing me to update with further corrections. Praise the Lord, our family is in Spring Hill. We've been able to bring families under our roof and share meals together. We've experienced the grace of having wonderful friends care for our children so we can have a few moments of rest. And we've met some great neighbors and watched scores of children roll down the hill of our home. We've said it so many times, and it rings true again and again; "we have been completely covered in grace during our recent more to Spring Hill."

We've been in this home for four weeks now, and we love the community, the drive, learning our neighbors, and are even getting to know the check out people at the grocery stores. Nathan still leaves between 8 and 10am and returns home after 11pm every night. We are looking for where we will live permanently, and we have yet to locate that place! Another little one (Noah's age) has blessed us with her sweet smile Mondays- Fridays so that her mom can work full time. So I am busy every day with four children, four and under, three of which are still in diapers. We will be working on that soon, though!

We are a weary people. Some nights you can catch me falling asleep on the laundry room floor, surrounded by piles waiting to be folded. We're working hard, learning much, trying to seek accountability and friendship, and trying to offer friendship and hope to those in our newly formed circles. It's a sweet time. The Lord is working something that we are still unclear on but excited about.

And one baby is awake from naptime. Soon another will follow. This is the extent of your update from us! Thank you for continued prayers.

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