Monday, June 6, 2011

When you're at the end of your rope

When you cannot escape the torments of daily living, when the toils of this place so envelop every aspect of your heart and you cannot see past them to the glorious graces that God gives us for today, even in a fallen world - just stop.
It's not your battle to win.
It was never your battle to win.
There is so much more for you here to learn and know about our Father and His riches (no, not the money kind. It's stuff that lasts). Give up on trying to fix yourself and give up on punishing yourself for not being able to fix yourself. You need Jesus. He's all you'll ever need, and, believe me, He is so good.
So if you find yourself at the end of your rope, run to Jesus. Tell Him. He said that whatever we ask for (according to His Father's good will), it will be given. Jesus wants you to run to Him.
Does this sound cryptic? "My world is crumbling beneath me, and you say I need Jesus?"
Yes. Jesus knew you would never be able to get life right, and so He lived the right life for you, and He died so that you could not only have a right life but an eternal life with His Father.
And once you get Jesus, you get the Holy Spirit too, the Great Comforter who will walk with you when hardship comes, who will speak truth to you and counsel you reasons for joy and hope as you toil under the sun.
A short word tonight. Jesus is your only hope for true joy in hardship. It doesn't come any other way. Chase after Jesus.

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