Thursday, July 24, 2008

We stand in awe of Him!

What an adventure it's been lately! This family is just bustling, moving everywhere and in every way. So much has happened in the last few months, and my priorities for blogging have been low on the totem pole. Still even today, I want to limit my time here. There is always so much to do and so little time in the day. Not only that, but it's so important to be intentional in our relationships as well and to nurture into our children instead of just coexisting (or surviving!) with them. This is a daily struggle, as our life is paced at such a quick speed. I have stories to share about how God is bringing us a greater understanding, how He is slowing us down, how He is showing us more of Himself and making His name bigger. Let me start by explaining why I have been so absent.

1. My mother and father have both been in town for the birth of my little nephew (Cameron King). My sister was ill for several weeks, in and out of the hospital due to infections and high blood pressure, all of which created an unsafe environment for little Cameron.

Praise be to God that a healthy infant was born and is growing in our family now. Grace loves to visit with her Cameron and kiss him. It is quite sweet!

2. I have been working quite a bit and have had little reserve for anything but the home and the children. Within the last month, I have come to a fork in the road and have had several conversations with God about what He wants for us, why He is doing life the way He is and how we can be His through this experience and still maintain some balance, some sanity. I gave up control of my involvement in getting us a van. I told God that we needed a van because our family is growing, but that I physically could not do it anymore and still be devoted to the other responsibilities He's given me: a husband, a home, two children to grow and teach, a pregnancy, a job nurturing others' children. It was more than I could handle. It would have to be His miracle if He wanted us to have a larger car for this family that's starting to get a little on the big side (and hey, I'm not getting any smaller these days either!). God answered our prayer in a big way and brought us a van. We paid nothing for it. He did it. It was a gift. It was all His to do. He will help us with the repairs it needs to have done. I am in total awe at how He works, but more shocked in my lack of faith that He would do it. He knows the needs of His children. He hears their prayers, and He works in His timing. I pray that our family will not be forgetful like the Israelites in Egypt of the many miracles and blessings of provision that God continues to bring to us. He daily gives us food to eat and water to drink, clothing to protect from the elements, and so much more that we fail to recognize as His gifts to His people. Please take this as encouragement that ALL things are possible through Christ. This verse, I read just this morning, is encouragement that God hears His people:
if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
2 Chronicles 7:14

In addition to the van, God has brought another career opportunity for Nathan. This is something that, we pray, will enable me to be able to invest more in the development of our children and family. This was another gift from God that we did not expect. Nathan had personally begun praying for God to allow Him to provide for us in a way that would bring me home and relieve some of my burden. This came through a phone call (Can you believe the van did too!), and it was an invitation to a field that Nathan has, in the past, performed very well in. I pray that we take each step, staying focused on who God is, what His desire is for His people, and who He wants for us to be. I pray that we do not become distracted by any ease on finances that may or may not come, but that we are solely focused on Kingdom building, in our family, in our church, and in our community and that we live our lives by faith.

3. Nathan continues his work at the church. We are so blessed to have joined this group of gracious people. They love and nurture us and our children in ways that we have never deserved. It is truly humbling. My busy work schedule and much exhaustion has taken me away from attending every Sunday, but God is faithful, and His people are, to bring sweet reunion every Sunday I return. Nathan adores investing in the youth there and teaching them how to dig into Scripture to know who God is and to be convicted by His Spirit into a full, sweet relationship with Him. He's seeing youth come to know Christ and is thrilled by the ways God is working in them and growing them.

4. My pregnancy is going well. I am now 24 weeks pregnant and have only one more once-a-month appointment left. From there, it's every two weeks or less until our little man comes home to us. The baby is growing so well and moving so wildly. He is having a blast in my womb. I believe he has created some sort of trampoline or something in there. I have been blessed to be free of many of the normal aches and pains of pregnancy that occurred early on with my previous two babies. Only recently have joints begun misplacing themselves. Only recently have I needed to take a break or slow down and rest from a task. I'm sad to say that this is now reflecting in our home! Grace is growing more and more excited about her growing little brother. We are all eager to meet this little squeaker!

I have so much more to update on, and I am so eager to continue to share what God is doing with our home and family, but this will have to wait for another time, as the children are napping, and I definitely need to rest before going into work tonight. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement to our family. We are in awe!

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