Sunday, December 14, 2008

Busy, Busy!

Wow! What a week! We've been on the run since Tuesday, and I feel like we haven't stopped. Sadly, I chose Sunday to put my feet down... and I'm with the kids at home. Feeding Noah has become more and more difficult since we've begun moving around, and every night, he is becoming more frustrated about it, which leads to later nights and more exhaustion and even more difficult feedings. I need to slow down so that I can take care of him and get some rest for myself. Otherwise, everything is is going well and is in full swing.

Benjamin turned two on Friday, and we celebrated Saturday with a big trip to Chuck E Cheese. He was beside himself and running in every direction all day long. He did a great job opening his presents, and his sister did a wonderful job blowing out his candles! Ben is still learning new words every day, and he is communicating much better. He softens so much when he realizes that you understand him. It makes such a difference!

We're revving up for the holidays. I did most of my shopping for the kids online since I knew I wasn't getting out in the chill too much with a newborn. I'm still working on taking care of family members' gifts. That's another 30 people (and that's not all of them!), and I must admit that I'm overwhelmed. . . but I'm working on some homemade things for them right now. I have such a difficult time during the holidays because I get completely overwhelmed at the thought of spending so much money on so many people who do not really need a thing... but you also just want to celebrate those special people too. And right now, with the kids taking so much time and energy, making things is also quite a sacrifice. BUT, I'd rather give them my time and energy than the money that I need to keep my children fed and clothed. So that's that. It's just difficult for me, though.

An update with pictures is due. We'll see what we can do about that!

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The Riffes said...

Hey Andrea! I agree that the holidays can be overwhelming. I like to do "gifts in a jar"...the kids like helping me with it and they can be inexpensive to make. Just a thought perhaps for next year...