Thursday, January 1, 2009

Brief and Disjointed

2008 closed with a bang for the Wandell family. Since Christmas day we've traveled from Nashville to Atlanta to Talladega, Alabama, spending time with family, eating very delicious food, and exchanging gifts here and there. We left for a 4 hour long trip to Nashville on New Year's Eve with just enough time to pick up the van from the mechanic, throw a load in the wash at home, pick up some McDonalds, and head over to bring in the new year with more family in Nashville. Then, after bringing in the new year, we still had to return the rental car (yes, this involved changing 3 child filled car seats). The children handled it as well as could be expected.

As far as resolutions go, I usually don't make them unless there is clearly something I need to pursue. This year, it was very clear that we needed to all work on our health. Our bodies are not our own. They belong to the Lord and should be healthy and able to do whatever work the Lord requires. My body is not ready and willing to do very much these days, so we're working on that! Nathan and I are already on week 2 of a competition to get fit. I'll just toot my horn (because I know he's reading this) and say that I've won both weeks and am waiting for hubby (yes, you) to bring it on. In the midst of this competition so far, we were out of town for one week (although he was able to make it to the gym, I was unable to due to the children), and another week, the van broke down twice, so he was able to make it to the gym much more than I, and I still beat him both of those weeks. At the end of the competition, one of us will earn a BIG prize. And mine will be a new couch for us! I should add pictures and show you our current less than appealing couch that is being held up by pots and pans. It is a lovely thing to behold. I must admit that I might be just as excited about having a new couch as I am about getting healthier and stronger. This old couch represents a very difficult season in our lives, and I would be so thrilled if it were out of our home!

I realize this entry today is rather disjointed and probably has many gramatical errors in it, but that just feels right for some reason, like it is an appropriate reflection of life right now.

Now that we are home from the holidays, I am working on getting Noah on a normal sleeping/eating/ playing schedule. This will be VERY helpful for me actually getting things done around here and allowing me to give Grace and Ben more of my energy.

If anyone who reads has any need for stuffed animals, please let me know. I am getting rid of an extremely large cedar chest full of stuffed animals in order to make room for all of the new toys Ben and Grace acquired over the holidays.

I will add more about Christmas and the New Year soon in an entry. For now, this is all my poor brain can muster!


Andrea said...

Great job on your fit goals! What a great way to start off the new year.
I know some fire stations and police stations except donations of stuffed animals so they have something for children when they respond to a call, you could call them up and ask if they could use more.

The Quinn Kids: said...

That is a lot of traveling, I'm glad that you made it through the chaos of the holidays. I think it's awesome that you and Nathan are doing a competition to get fit. Brian and I are about to jump on that bandwagon ourselves. He signed us up for the gym at his work and my Mom is going to watch the kiddos for us. A new couch is a great reward :) We need to sit down and think of our goals and rewards tomorrow.

Praying that Noah gets on a schedule quickly and easily!