Monday, January 5, 2009

Doing the Love Dare

Okay, before I get started on this, I want to just announce that our little 9 weeker Noah is currently 14lbs, 8oz! He just had his 2 month checkup (that I took all 3 to, which was the craziest thing I've done as of yet), and is the first child I've ever had that weighed in at the 98th percentile! My other two ranged between 30 and 50th percentile throughout infancy, so this is truly a sweet deal!

On to the reason for this post. In my email yesterday, I received a random forward from an old friend from college. If you're a frequent forwarder to me, please don't be offended, but I just don't read everything that's been sent to me in my email. I'll read the things directed specifically for me and then a little bit here and there, so it was no small thing for me to even open the email. It was a challenge from family life.
If you're familiar with Family Life, you'll know that they are a fantastic organization that have blessed thousands (or more) of marriages across the country with their conferences, websites, books, and programs. I have found myself frequenting whenever an issue or concern arises, and I'm often very encouraged and better equipped spiritually and emotionally to handle whatever situation it is. Family Life is not just built for counseling families with issues, but it has a Biblical framework. They try to have a wholistic view of typical issues, and for that, I am very thankful.
So, I opened this challenge from Family Life, and it's called a "Love Dare"

Starting this month, FamilyLife® is challenging couples to "love like you mean it" by joining our 40-day Love Dare challenge. Based on the Love Dare book from the movie Fireproof, the challenge is a practical way for you to practice unconditional love and transform your marriage by applying simple, biblical principles to your everyday life.

Every day from January 5th to February 13th, we’ll give you a Love Dare for the day for you to put into practice and show love to your spouse. Then, at the end of the challenge, we encourage you to celebrate your spouse with a special Valentine’s Day date.

So, I decided I need to do this, and I signed up. Today, I received an email that told me my first dare:

Love Dare - Day 1
Resolve to say nothing negative about your spouse today.

So here's to Love Dare, Day One. I will report back tomorrow how it went, and I'm leaving you with a picture of my sweet man.Today he is working hard, trying to take care of his family. I am so thankful for him! And that gotee of his, he shaved it because it was hurting his wife. How thoughtful of him!


The Quinn Kids: said...

I wanted to see the movie Fireproof. But we either had plans or couldn't get someone to watch the kids. I want to see it when it hits DVD. The Love Dare sounds like a great idea!

whocanfind? said...

We still haven't seen the movie, but I suppose we should soon!