Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What would you do?

So if you have IVF treatments, are you prepared to give all of those embryos life? Or will you allow them to be destroyed? This woman chose life, against all the odds. Her circumstances are dire. She may break the bank. She may "lose it all" in terms of worldly wealth, but her children are alive, and they never have to wonder whether their mother would seek her own betterment over theirs. What would you do if you were in her situation? What if you didn't have unlimited resources? What if noone offered you a helping hand?


William, Megan and Avery said...

As a physical therapist who works with kids (a lot of preemies), I go back and forth on this issue. As a Christian, I hope I would make the right decision in that situation!

A cool thing? A friend of mine and her husband, who have had fertility issues, have recently adopted frozen embryos that another couple didn't need/want. They were implanted earlier in January and she found out last week she is pregnant! I think this is the CRAZIEST thing to think about, but if it allows "infertile" couples carry and give birth to their adopted children... wow!

The Quinn Kids: said...

I'm not sure. I've been following the story. And I think she's crazy. She already has 6 children between 2-7. And now 8 preemies. As a single mother. I don't know. I just don't know. I think if I had been in her position, I would have donated the embryos instead of implanting all 8 of them. But never destroyed them. I also think I would have only harvested the amount of kids I would have ultimately wanted. She did IVF for all her children. It's hard to wrap my mind around doing that on purpose!