Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What's on hold right now.

I'm not able to do justice to a real update right yet. Every moment I sit down at the computer seems to be interrupted with kid things. This is not a bad thing, but it does mean that I can't sit here and process a long series of thoughts into a paragraph that makes sense. Or complete sentences for that matter.
As I sit here, Noah is next to me talking and cooing. Not really talking because he's 3 months old, but telling me his opinion that he prefers my arms to the bed he is laying on.
My gmail account also is currently filled with unread emails. I only read the ones that are from people I know. Other than that, I let them sit until I have time to take a look. And my facebook has about 99 "other" requests. I just don't have time for those things, but I love how it gives me a chance to peek my head in on friends to say "hello" without having to pack up the kids and travel the long distance. Speaking of which, our van is currently grounded to the Bellevue area. I must update more later because there is just too much going on this morning.
I meant to post pictures, but that will have to wait as well

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Veronica said...

The craziness of motherhood! I hope you get a chance to catch your thoughts soon!