Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Cliff Notes of the Cliff Notes

I can't believe how easily life takes over. I get so distracted by all that is going on in the home that I've neglected updating the blog. Well I'll be! A bit of sarcasm there. I am SO okay with neglecting this blog in order to live life! God has given us three precious children who, Nathan reminded me the other day, regardless of how well I parent them, are destined for a life of sin and desolation without the Grace of our Lord! It is a great reminder that, if I do one thing as a parent, I need to pray for the Lord's mercy over my children and that He will give them Himself. I cannot save them from their sins.

I've only got a few moments before the children take over this room again, and there are some exciting things to share, so let's get started, shall we?

God is bringing a rescue to our family in a big way.

He is showing us how some of the puzzle fits together, and it is a beautiful sight.

He is doing things that would otherwise be impossible if done by our own hands.

We are learning what it means to walk in grace, and that our works cannot bring sanctification. Only the Lord can sanctify us.

The story is not finished yet.

I'll add that we've found a place to live in Spring Hill. That is part of the miracle. We're also working our tails off getting ready for this exciting move. Nathan is still working day and night at both jobs, and I am working hard too, packing and cleaning, and taking a faithful and frugal class to help the family. Sleep is not really something we're seeing much of, but I think we're both just so thrilled, we're not noticing it too much.

Short entry, but as you can see, (and you may just hear me shout this!) "WE'RE PREPARING FOR A MOVE!!!!"

So be patient. And stay tuned to some day hear the entire story, in more detail. You're getting the cliff notes of the cliff notes today.


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Annabelle said...

I feel for you, I really do! We are in the midst of moving from our townhome (rental) to a house...moving is a lot of work!