Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring is almost here and we're loving it!

Yesterday the weather was amazing, so we took the whole family out to the park to play. It seemed like all of Nashville had the same idea. I guestimated that there were at least 300 people at the park along with us, running, swinging, sliding, and getting dirty. Even with so many people, somehow there wasn't a line for the baby swings or slides. The kids had a blast and lived to tell about it. Check out that smile on Benjamin's face. He loved the swings! They also missed their naps for this experience, which you'll see proof of in a moment. The day ended with Nathan cooking hamburgers on the grill and settling in for a long overdue daylight savings sleep!
Here are some pictures to share the day with you (and a few extras just because!)

This is obviously not of the park, but Benjamin is really working on his bball skills and preparing for the next season! He is all game!

Ben fell asleep on the couch while we were making dinner.
Grace pretended to be asleep so we would take her princess, er, picture. Slip of the tounge there!

More pictures to come. We've been having too much fun.

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