Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So many seasons we spend life waiting...

... waiting for school to start
... waiting for summer
... waiting for junior high
... waiting for high school
... waiting until I was old enough to get that first job
... waiting until I was old enough to date
... waiting by the phone for that boy to call
... waiting to get behind that wheel and drive!
... waiting for college
... waiting to meet "the one"
... waiting for your first child to come into this world

And now I have experienced all of those wonderful moments in life, and yet I am still waiting for, longing for more.

... for the home that fits our family for a long time
... for a "connected" life with our church family
... for peace of mind regarding finances
... for my children to be generationally missional because they know and love a God who knows and loves them

And I'm finding myself disappointed when I feel like I've waited for so long, disappointed also that I've wasted so much time waiting and spent so little time relishing the good and perfect things that we have in this season.

James 1 says "consider it pure joy... whenever you face trials". And he goes on to say that these trials are good for us. I can agree with this because I've seen how they bring me exactly where I need to be, at the feet of my Lord. James also explains that every gift we have has comes from God, and it is good and perfect. So the timing is perfect, the size or quality or quantity is perfect. Each time we step into a difficult season, I struggle with considering it joy, and each time we step outside of the season, we saw where we could've benefited from experiencing the hardship with joy and enthusiasm about what God is doing. We would've learned so much more. We wouldn't have wasted so much time complaining and whining and waiting! And so many more woulda coulda's. So this is another season of waiting. Waiting to see what God will do when He changes our living situation in a few months. Waiting to see what God will do with our family. Waiting to see what God will do with our church and our community. Waiting for other insignificant in the scheme of things but important to His child (me) things. In the meantime, pray that we consider it all joy and that we treasure each moment and take advantage of missional opportunities that come our way.

I'd love to write more, but Noah is keeping me quite occupied at the moment. And his "talking" may wake the other children if I continue down this path!

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Veronica said...

Thank you for sharing your heart Andrea. And for sharing the passage in James. I really needed to read that today. This is something that I'm trying to really wrap my head around too. You aren't alone! Praying for your family.