Friday, November 19, 2010


It's been quiet for some time now, at least here on the blog. At home we are full of stomping feet, squealing giggles, and mostly happy children. But we're still sitting quietly these days, amazed at God's goodness, amazed when we look at what we deserve and compare it to what we get. We get God! We get an amazing, holy, mighty, glorious God. How thrilling! Just in considering what He has given us, tears well up within me. These children are amazing, and they are growing up so well, by the grace of God! Nathan is experiencing grace in his work and in the way he is growing as a man, husband, and father. I am beyond blessed to be able to be home with my children, and over the last year have developed some precious friendships that I will always be thankful for. Our church body is growing, and not simply in breadth but greatly in depth. We see a people wanting more than self gratification, but these people genuinely want GOD! They want to seek and savor the Christ, honor and obey His Father, and plead to and know The Spirit. And it shows. Sometimes I just have to stand back and take a look at everything God is doing and what He has done, and it takes my breath away. I just am amazed (and I shouldn't be!) that He is giving us His precious self for our good! He is, even as slight a thing as we are.
So, no matter what logistical issue we're dealing with this week, be it potty training or car repairs or money struggles, we can stand joyful and in awestruck silence. We can choose to let momentary struggles receive momentary status in our hearts and be overwhelmed and overjoyed by eternal truths. So today, we can be found sitting, watching, learning in this joyful quiet.

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