Friday, May 13, 2011

The Lord Hates

Today, not much to write. Not much for a long time, I know. I wanted to write this out in-between nap times as I'm working through planning how we disciple our little ones. I am so burdened for their hearts. We recently found a wonderful chart that I hope will help them to see how their behavior relates to the condition of their hearts. One of the verses on the chart is about having their eyes plucked out by an eagle. It's a verse on violence. I'm hesitant to dismiss or sweep any scripture under the rug for my little ones, but I thought, maybe I could find one that was more PG but still met the need of denouncing violent behavior (ie. hitting, kicking, biting, throwing). The closest verse I've found was this, (and I've shortened it so it will fit on a one lined handwriting sheet, another reason I was looking for a different verse) - it was, "Those who love violence, The Lord hates."
The Lord hates.
Oh my poor ones. what pain their heart must feel when facing this verse. They haven't even read it yet, but we will read it, and we will weep, and we will talk about how sweet, sweet Jesus is, in light of every thing their hand has done. It is a painful, awkward task, showing a child how ugly their sin is, how the Lord hates them in their sinfulness (and yet wants to love them if they will let Him). I am so looking forward to the day they fully embrace the gospel, and walk totally affected by it.
Back to working toward that goal!
His Grace to you... (if you still read this occasionally!)

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