Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Curriculum for next year

I need to wrap my head around this, and so I'll try to write it here. What will I do when I have 3 in homeschooling? Will I be able to remember it all? For Grace and Ben, this Summer we'll be going over the Doorposts charts that we just ordered. We'll be reading over the books, writing memory verses and trying to work through the following charts:
"Go to the Ant"
"Brother Offended"
"Blessings Chart"
"If/Then Chart"

I'm also in the process of ordering curriculum for this fall
Right now I'm looking at the following:
Math: Christian Light, Grade 1
Language Arts: Rod and Staff Nurture, Grade 2
History: The Story of the World
Science: Complete Book of Science (which I've learned is no longer being published, so we may have to rethink this!)

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