Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Saturday

The children are outside having the time of their lives in a cute little swimming pool I scored brand new from Goodwill. $7.50. Am I thrilled? Yes. Are the kids loving it? Yes.
Every time I get the whale's blow hole going really good and strong, I find Ben all the way in the neighbors' yard. I think he doesn't like that part so much.
We have a huge grocery trip planned today. I hope I survive. I hope THEY survive. Grocery shopping with the children always leaves me a lot fried.
After a few other loosely planned ideas for the rest of the day (including an essential NAP), we're going to the CityFest, which is always a high point of our summer. The fourth Saturday of every summer month, the community puts on this shindig with bounce houses, live bands, catered food, games, and lots of other creative fun stuff, and it's all free. Once it begins to get dark, they show a movie on a huge screen in the middle of the field. We have been at least 5 times, and we LOVE it! This month, Great Clips is offering free haircuts for kiddos 12 and under. Wow! That is so neat!
Anyway, busy Saturday. Lot's of fun planned for these children who are now naked, out of the pool, and needing some guidance in getting dressed for the day.
Grace to you!

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